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Hardware & Equipment

Photograph of Generator 9kva - 2 x 15amp outlets (7200 watt)

Generator 9kva - 2 x 15amp outlets (7200 watt)

Photograph of Bamboo Pole

Bamboo Pole


Photograph of Cable Tray 2 Channel

Cable Tray 2 Channel

Photograph of Cable Tray 5 Channel

Cable Tray 5 Channel

80cmL x 45cmW

Photograph of Bin - Large Black

Bin - Large Black

Photograph of Concrete Weight 28kg

Concrete Weight 28kg

60cmL x 14cmH x 23cmW

Photograph of White Covers for Weight

White Covers for Weight

suitable for 4 weights

Photograph of Witches Hat Orange Cone

Witches Hat Orange Cone



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Photograph of XLR Cable

XLR Cable



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Photograph of Marquee Hocker White Roof

Marquee Hocker White Roof

10m x 12m

Photograph of Artificial Floral - Magnolia Stem

Artificial Floral - Magnolia Stem


Photograph of Small Ceramic White Pot

Small Ceramic White Pot


Photograph of Bordeaux Cafe Table White

Bordeaux Cafe Table White

60cmD x 71cmH